What is Advanced Identity Protector [Best Removal guide]

advance identity protector

Advanced Identity Protector is an exceedingly questionable application that is usually classified as a “Potentially Unwanted Program – PUP.”

Masters and creators of “Advanced Identity Protector” guarantee that this apparatus can enormously enhance clients’ security and guard their identity while perusing on the web, however, we warn you that the application has been categorized as a dangerous PC threat by Cybersecurity researchers.

It tries to fake itself and forces users to believe that their privacy and security is at stake, causes fake ads and demands money for its licensed version to safeguard user’s files and folders.

We exceedingly recommend you to dispose of Advanced Identity Protector.

Furthermore, this fake application also guarantees additional features for better protection:

Scans files, emails, Windows registry and web browsers.

  • Protects for data encryption and deletion.
  • Protects from identity frauds,
  • Clears all traces of personal information and data.

Caution Note. Actual Reality!

As claimed by its developers, Advanced Identity Protector is promotes ad a legitimate software used to guard private and confidential information of users. This information may include details like bank details, credit card numbers, personal security numbers, login credentials, etc.

However, what lies beneath the surface is a lot different.

Is Advanced Identity Protector safe to utilize and is it even Legitimate?

advance identity protector ads and pop ups

The initial picture of Advanced Identity protector portrays it as a beneficial and efficient program, but with time facts and figures have proved its relation with malware and adware programs along with tech support scams.

In this way, the response to the above inquiry is clear, and it’s a No!

Where is the Real cash streaming in for the engineers?

Sponsored ads and scam campaigns are what makes Advanced Identity Protector secure the real market.

Let’s look at the way it works:

  1. Advanced Identity Protector promotes ads that are constrained on the client’s screen utilizing particular exploit kits and redirects. These sidetracks will compel the client to arrive only at its official site.
  2. This will look ordinary to a client, as at the first look the official website appears to be bona fide.
  3. The clients will be deceived to download “Advanced Identity Protector” with a few advertisement pop-ups giving a discount and lucrative offers, or it could even say “run a free system scan and keep your identity secured.”
  4. Post successful installation it starts a system scan and consequently uncovers a client’s credit card numbers, bank details, Social Security Number and Social id passwords that he may have utilized on the system.
  5. At times, the client may get diverted to certain web pages where they will see a false cautioning expressing “your PC has multiple infections.”
  6. In both the scenarios mentioned above, users will be given a tech support number (855) 737-4053 for instant guidance.
  7. The tech support number is utilized to scare customer by stating that their system is a dangerous and their personal data are exposed online.
  8. In the end, they will force customers to buy the paid version for system protection along with data security.

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Installation methods used by Advanced Identity Protector

  • Bundling- This is the quickest and the most comfortable method used by cybercriminals to spread PUP virus. In this process, PC threats are packaged with freeware programs available online and gets downloaded with the utility program.
  • Social ClickJacking- Another prominent method is Social clickjacking. Attractive and lucrative ads are often placed on the Social media sites to trick customer to click on these ads.
  • A single click can get your system infected with this malicious virus.
  • Portable devices like USB sticks, Flash players, pen drives are other notable sources.
  • Torrent and P2P sharing: Files shared over the P2P network and those downloaded from Torrent sources are also used to spread this deadly PC threat.

Be cautious while downloading Freeware programs.

While introducing a freeware software ensure that you thoroughly read the terms and conditions included in the License agreement.

Otherwise, if you find reading it as a time-consuming job, you can also use the Custom/Automatic installation process.

It is continuously prescribed that you prefer the customs procedure as this would unveil other projects that may get introduced alongside the utility program.

If you see any extra additional items or toolbars checked, at that point recall to uncheck them this would keep away from the establishment of PUP. 

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Removal of Advanced Identity Protector

how to remove advance identity protector

Both Automatic and Manual methods of removal are available.

Let’s here take a detailed look at both the procedures.

Automatic Methods

Mechanized and automated projects give precise outcomes and guarantee permanent system security. Pick a productive program today, download it, refresh it and perform a system check for all infections.

Free Malware Removal software is intended to filter your framework against malware, identify and erase them including Advance Identity protector along with the ads displayed by it. Similarly downloading an Anti-adware software  and ITL Antivirus program can keep away all annoying ads displayed by “Advanced Identity Protector.”

The essential download step is said underneath:

  1. Pick and introduce an effective system security program.
  2. Tap on the “Run button.”
  3. Next, press the “Scan Now” catch to begin a framework check.
  4. A list of all distinguished infection will be shown on your PC screen.
  5. Finally, tap on the Fix Now catch to clean “Advance Identity protector.”

Manual Method

Step – 1

Detailed procedure to remove ‘Advanced Identity Protector’ from Control Panel.

  1. Open the Windows Task Manager by press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously. In the applications tab look out for Advanced Identity protector, select it and finally click on End Task.
  2. Close the task manager.
  3. Now, hold the Windows key + R key at the same time to access the Control Panel. Type ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the Run box and hit ok.
  4. A list of all installed programs will be displayed in the ‘program and features’ tab.
  5. Right Click on ‘Advanced Identity Protector’ and uninstall it finally.

Step – 2

 Now, “Run” a disk clean-up scan.

  1. Hold the Windows key + R simultaneously on your keyboard.
  2. In the run box type “cleanmgr” and hit enter.
  3. Select “C drive” and click ok.
  4. Select all related options and click on ‘Temporary files’ and finally press ok.

Prevention and protection steps 

In addition to the removal steps, it is essential that users carry a decent amount of precaution while performing online activities.

Below mentioned are a few useful tools.

  • Enable Pop-up Blocker: Ads and Pop-up banners displayed by Advanced Identity protector are contaminated with a harmful virus. Using an efficient pop-up ad blocker module will guard your system against all virus attacks.
  • Update Windows Version: Updating your Windows version and system software is critical for system health as they reduce system vulnerabilities and arms your PC against all zero-day threats.
  • System Backup: Reclaiming system settings and data after an attack is quite impossible. Users are advised to keep regular system backup.
  • Third-Party Installation: Never trust third websites for installation needs.

Practice basic online hygiene along with an automated system security program to guarantee system security along with data privacy.